Champion Athletes Academy

The purpose of the Champion Athletes Academy is two-fold. Elite student-athletes support the local community through Educational Services and the Champion Fuel Food Programs, serving thousands of at-risk youth across the state of Texas, with compensation earned in the process.  

In return, Be A Champion partners with local businesses and leaders to provide exposure for the student-athletes’ impact on the communities through their work in Educational Services and Champion Fuel Food Programs. This provides opportunities for new partnerships, expanding programs and outreach throughout the community.

The Champion Athletes Academy operates within several Texas Gulf Coast area colleges and universities. Some partnerships includes:

Our Champion Athletes are able to earn employment opportunities for their efforts in serving their community while still excelling in their sport and in the classroom. The program is flexible and has an enormous impact on the communities we serve. As athletes advance in their athletic and professional careers, the work, training, and skills they receive at Be A Champion will propel them into new opportunities, opening the door to excellence, as well as personal and professional growth.

The Champion Athletes Academy is a new program through Be A Champion, Inc., 
This program provides an opportunity for student-athletes to support the local community through Educational Services and the Champion Fuel Food Programs, serving meals, snacks, and milk to thousands of at-risk youth across the state of Texas.
Student-athletes get hands-on job experience, all while making an impact in the community. Through valuable community service, these student-athletes learn to work alongside others for a common cause. Student-athletes also learn the importance of being role models for youth – both for those they are serving meals to and those they work alongside. 

Champion Athletes also gain experience with cultivating and forming their philanthropic brand through social media, sharing about their experiences, and representing the organization on a public platform. As brand ambassadors, Champion Athletes learn and develop proper social media engagement and communication skills to become responsible influencers.

The impact of the Champion Athletes Academy has been tremendous for the local communities and student-athletes since the program started.



Support our champion athletes academy

Help support student-athletes by supporting the local community, serving thousands of at-risk youth across the state of Texas.

frequently asked questions

How can I Apply?

Applicants must be a current high school or college student with exceptional academic standing and athletic recognition in their community. Athletes who are interested in applying can do so via our Careers page. Our team will vet your application based on the qualifications listed above, as well as other criteria we base our non-athlete Program Staff applicants on.

How long does the program last?

Champion Athletes qualify for the program as long as they are actively enrolled in high school or college and are actively participating on a sports team. There are opportunities to continue brand partnerships post-college for elite athletes, but the Champion Athletes Academy lasts from high school through college.

What should i expect?

Champion Athletes are employed as Program Staff and are responsible for working at our meal distribution sites. Athletes who are brought on as staff may also work in a Be A Champion office, assisting various teams on crucial work that helps support general operations.  
Additionally, athletes promote Be A Champion, Inc. as a brand influencer to help our brand grow your Athlete brand. You will have the ability to use your name, reputation, image, and branding power to help the business operations grow! 
Please note that you will be assigned to a Be A Champion, Inc. locations in the city you live in and/or attend school. 

How Does My School Become Part of the Champion Athletes Academy?

We would love to partner with your school! If you are interested in becoming an official partner of Be A Champion, Inc. through the Champion Athletes Academy, please email our Partnerships team at