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Parent Feedback

“This is the best program I have ever had my daughter in!!! Our 1st year with this program and they help the students with their homework if they need it. They entertain the students until we get them!!! I highly recommend getting your children in this program!! The staff is always great!!!”
Mari Maldonado
“👍👍👍👍 Great program my daughters and I love it and will continue to be part of the program every year! Highly recommend it. 👍👍👍”
Ana Victorino
“Staff is friendly, educational, show a great interest in the care of our kids, and give daily oral reports of the good or the bad. They also do drills in case of fire, tornado, or lockdowns which is vital to safety of our children now a days. 😊”
Marion Elizabeth
“I honestly am so impressed with the Be A Champion after-school program at my daughter’s school. They are amazing in every way from their kindness to professionalism. They also have helped my daughter with homework as well which is an extreme help to me. I couldn’t do it without them. Being a single parent and working full time, they are a blessing to me. Definitely recommend them.”
LeAnn Vinton
“This program has been a blessing. I’m able to have after school care for my daughter so I can work and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. I love that she gets the opportunity to complete her homework and have outside playtime too.”
Samantha Rendon
“Love love love Be A Champion!!! The staff is very professional and love that communication is always there. From reminders to when payment is due, closures or any new update that comes to the program. I’m always informed. My kids enjoy being in the after-school program and all the activities they do.”
Jasmine Zapata
“This is my son’s second year in Be A Champion and he loves the activities and snacks that are provided. They are diligent in ensuring the kiddos are safe and well taken care of. We trust them with our little one. The staff is very friendly and helpful as well.”
Maria Garcia-Andrade
“Be a Champion has been wonderful with my child. They always help her with her homework when she has questions and applaud her for any accomplishments she does with them.”
Mary Viesca
“My daughter goes to idea and attended BAC for 3 years. She love the program and teachers. Thanks BAC for your wonderful program.”
Natalie Aranda
“My child attends BAC after-school and just loves it! The staff is great and super responsive.”
Claudia Espinosa
“This is the first year our district has had Be A Champion for Harmony Elementary. My son loves it and has nothing but positive things to say about the teachers. We loved it so much my oldest daughter applied and was hired at our new school Traditions.”
Katherine Gutierrez
“My son attends Be A Champion at Idea Ingram hills and it’s great! I love that he comes home with his homework already done. He loves it as well and always says he gets picked up from Be A Champion too early. I definitely recommend Be A Champion!”
Deborah Venzor
“This program is great for after-school!!! Our daughter enjoys it so much she tells us about the fun activities!!! The staff is always very friendly!!!”
Mark Cruz
“My daughter loves Be A Champion’s after-school program! She gets to have some fun and relieve some of the stresses from the long school day. It also helps us feel confident that our daughter is being taken care of while my husband and I are at work or school.”
Jessica Gonzalez