Be A Champion, Inc.

Dr. Precious Barganier

It has been an absolute blessing to serve the families of our communities for 15 years with Be A Champion, Inc.  In my current role as Director of Educational Development, I am responsible for overseeing the strategic operations and resource management for the Educational Services provided by BAC.  I’ve worn many hats during my tenure with BAC and enjoy the relationships built among my colleagues and our clients.  The services we offer are a value-added component to our communities and our parents remind us of such with their continued support.

I am an Air Force Veteran, educator, researcher, and grant writer, but my most important duties are those of a wife, mother, and daughter.  I enjoy the opportunity to be of service to others and pride myself on being one of God’s humble servants.

My hobbies include traveling, reading, visiting wineries, and spending time with my family.  I volunteer with many community organizations within various roles and enjoy the connections and mentorship opportunities with the youth of this generation.